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Self-Defence Courses vs Martial Arts Training

Self-defence courses are usually marketed as being a quick quick and effective methods optimised for application in the real world. However, to imply that these courses are any more effective or practical in the real world than traditional martial arts is a wrong. These quick self defence courses draw from existing knowledge of old martial art techniques which themselves were born from warfare and the need for self protection. There is however a considerable difference between self-defence short courses and the study of traditional martial arts.

Self-defence courses generally teach a few quick and easy to learn techniques and principles for survival. They stress on simplicity allowing beginners and novices to maintain effectiveness under intense and stressful situations.

On the other hand martial arts like karate and jujutsu start 'delicately' by giving beginners and novices 'building blocks' like the pieces of a puzzle that fit together over time. After a while in dedicated martial arts training, the pieces start coming together and the basic techniques grow into more complex ones with greater effect.

The end product (though martial arts training has no real end) is a practitioner capable of self-defence but obviously with a greater all-round level of skill and physical condition, enabling him or her to be more flexible and adaptable in combative situations.

For someone in desperate need of a quick solution to personal safety, training in traditional martial arts like karate and jujutsu may at times seem too long and can lead to frustration. This is understandable. For this reason Jikan Dojo teaches some introductory self-defence short courses hand in hand with the ever rewarding study of traditional martial arts.

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