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Jikan Dojo is a martial arts school and a community group based in London, UK. It is also the headquarters of the Jikan Kai association which teaches authentic traditional Japanese martial arts.  These include karate, classical jujutsu and weaponry. Our goal is to spread and preserve the teachings of these arts and in doing so foster the development of mind, body and spirit. We reach out to the wider community to empower the vulnerable and mentor the young, and to make a positive contribution to the lives of our members through the ancient traditions we practice. The high quality of training focuses on physical, mental and moral development geared towards self defence, healthy living and far beyond.



Martial Arts training is known for its tendancy to promote discipline and good physical and mental health in addition to the ability to protect oneself. Training benefits all ages from young children to the elderly. Individuals can also turn to the mental and philosophical teachings of martial arts as a means of good character developement. Read more...


We have several fun activities planned so keep a look out here. For public events more details can be found on dedicated Facebook event pages, linked below. Details on private events are circulated among members.​


This year's proposed calendar. More information provided in the Members Area:

  • Feb - Jikan Kai Style Exchange: Shito Ryu & Wado Ryu

  • Feb - Japan Trip

  • Apr - Juniors 5th Annual Forest Walk & Boating

  • Apr - Italy Trip, Easter Camp

  • May - Seniors Crazy Golf

  • Jun - Helsinki Gashuku (Training Camp)

  • Jul - Anniversary Celebrations: Boats & Burgers

  • Jul - Italy Gashuku (Training Camp)

  • Aug - Summer Camps

  • Oct - Weekend Camp

  • Oct - Pizza Quiz Night 

  • Dec - Juniors Xmas Party & Awards

  • Dec - Seniors Xmas Dinner & Awards

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Samurai martial arts in London UK

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