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Self-Defence Short Courses


We run 3 main courses as follows:

  • An Introduction to Self-Defence: A one-of short course introducing some of the concepts that can be used straight away, and giving an introduction to techniques used in SD Level 1 course.

  • Self-Defence Level 1: Typically 4-6 hours over 3-4 weeks covering the principles (psychology, the law etc) of self-defence and a set of defences for common attacks. These techniques are also covered in the yellow belt curriculum of our Nihon Jujutsu classes.

  • Self-Defence Level 2: More advanced techniques pushing students mentally and physically. It includes and surpasses the content of the Level 1 course and typically takes 6-9 months. 

Next Self-Defence Course:


Self-Defence Level 1: Thursday 6th & 13th August, 7-9pm.

Tickets: Available on Eventbrite here..

Location: George Green School, Isle of Dogs here..

Follow Us: Facebook event page here..

Course Content:

  • Discussions about self-defence principles.

  • Demonstrations.

  • Physical techniques for common assaults.

  • Printouts with course summary and supplementary reading materials.

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When there is no scheduled course, expressing your interest DOES help as popular dates are scheduled to suit your availability. Don't hesitate to drop us a quick message and we'll notify you directly of the next course. Please don’t forget to specify your preferred method of contact. Write us at or click here to use our contact form.



According to a recent report published by the Home Office on recorded crime in England and Wales, there were 821,957 violent crimes including knife attacks and assaults for the period 2010/2011. For the same period there were 54,982 sexual offences and according to the British Crime Survey 2009/10 at least 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime.


Today criminals are becoming more bold and daring. Unfortunately, sometimes it's just not enough to depend on our local police services for 24 hour protection. Do you, a friend or a loved one have to walk the city streets alone at night? Do you, someone you know work or live in a potentially abusive and dangerous environment? These scenarios and many others are reasons why today many consider self-defence training a social responsibility.


In response to this need in our wider community and beyond, Jikan Dojo would like to invite you to its Self-Defence courses, held at regular intervals. In this course we will look at some common scenarios and some important principles and methods for survival. The physical techniques are quite easy to learn and simple to execute. They do not require a great deal of physical strenght or condition either. This is particularly helpful for those who can't attend regular martial art classes. 


The truth is that as with anything, there is no shortcut to proficiency other than regular practice. This is particularly so when it comes to reacting under highly stressful situations such as violent assault. Therefore practice through repetition and intense simulation of typical scenarios in training is required to enhance a natural reaction that is quick, decisive and ultimately effective. Jikan Dojo strives to hold the Level 1 and Level 2 courses on a regular basis. It is an extract from our larger Goshin Jutsu curriculum which is taught weekly alongside traditional Japanese martial arts.


Keep a look out under this page or the 'What's Going On' area of the home page for the next course dates and venues.


If you'd like to understand more about the difference between regular martial arts training and self-defence training please read this short article.

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