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If you are aged 15 - 20 years old, in full-time education or unemployed you can receive one of the sponsorships described below.




3 MONTHS free training will be awarded to the limited numbers of students who apply successfully. At the end of the 3 months, students may also qualify to grade(testing) for promotion in rank(and belt). Students may also acquire a karate suit at half price! 


Applicants must complete a short application form including a small essay. The essay is simply 50 - 100 words on why you would like to do karate/martial arts. 


Please write to for an application form.


If the student wishes to carry on training after the initial scholarship, a small monthly contribution may be required.




Are you or someone you know less than fortunate and living in troubled circumstances?


Jikan Dojo is offering a special sponsorship to a limited number of students to train for free for 1 year.

Yours or the individual's own personal circumstances must be known to the local authorities.. be it the police, or social care agencies.


Jikan Dojo is committed to making a difference in our local community and this could include YOU! So don't delay, contact us for more information at

Youth Sponsorhip information leaflet - Click here..

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