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Adults & Teenagers 15+ yrs. Student discounts available.

Saturdays 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Leytonstone United Free Church,

55 Wallwood Road

E11 1AY

Thursdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm  NEW 

George Green's School

100 Manchester Rd
Island Gardens (between Canary Wharf & Greenwhich)
E14 3DW

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When executed correctly good jujutsu does not require a great deal of physical strength or athleticism to be effective. Traditional jujutsu teaches biomechanical principles that anyone can learn and use to overcome larger and stronger opponents. We also emphasize mental training for situational awareness and coping well under pressure. Gradually the student not only develops skill and fitness, but also grows in the confidence.

We teach legitimate jujutsu techniques of the samurai era (pre-1867). This predates judo, aikido, brazilian jiu-jitsu and many other modern styles. This makes us one of very few associations in Europe that was born directly from authentic jujutsu inside Japan. As a result of our verifiable certification and direct historical lineage we are a registered member of the prestigious Japanese Budo Association (JBA) in Tokyo, Japan.

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In our system, Jikan Kai Jujutsu (Dento Nihon Jujutsu Jikan Kai) 伝統日本柔術慈館会 you'll learn the classical art of Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu 澁川一流柔術慈館会, a well-known samurai jujutsu style from the Edo period in Japan. There is also an influence of aiki-jujutsu in our lineage. The entire curriculum covers over 400 techniques broken down into koryu kata (old-style armed and unarmed forms), goshin taijutsu (self-defence applications), modern military combatives and freestyle wrestling methods (iji keiko). Classes are open to anyone 16yrs and older, including absolute beginners and individuals with backgrounds in other martial arts.


Our jujutsu students are annually registered in Japan and black belt certificates are also issued from Japan. Additionally, jujutsu students have access to our kobudo program which includes iai-jutsu and kenjutsu techniques (classical sword drawing and duelling) in addition to other traditional weaponry passed on directly in our lineage including various length sticks (bojutsu), the sickle & chain (kusarigama), and the dagger (kaiken waza). 

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Getting Started



Please visit us for a trial. The cost is just £8. It's a good idea to write first, just in case there's an unlikely class cancellation. You should wear some appropriate, loose fitting clothing such as track bottoms and a short sleeve t-shirt. If you have done martial arts before it is ok to wear that uniform too.


If you want to carry on training after your visit, you'll have to register as a member. There are two main fees involved, the monthly training fee and the annual membership fee. They are described as follows:

  • Monthly Training Subscription ~​ Most members train the recommended 2 classes weekly but it's ok if you can only make one to begin with. Training fees as follows;

>> £33 per month for one (1) class per week.


>> £38 per month for two (2) classes per week.

  • Yearly Membership Subscription of £25 is paid on joining. This allows you the many benefits our members enjoy, such as the opportunity to test for rank, access to our fantastic online learning resources and invitations to members-only social and training events, locally and overseas.

  • Students ~ Students get considerable discounts. If you are a full-time student and you would like to join our group.



After registration you'll be enrolled on our online Induction Course. This induction answers many common questions new members usually have and helps you to easily adapt to training. It covers small topics like purchasing uniforms & equipment, accessing training videos, martial arts etiquette, our calendar events, promotional exams and so on. It doesn't take long and you'll be happy you did it!

As a member will also be able to purchase uniforms at discounted prices, but there is no rush for you to acquire one.



We run several private events throughout the year such as training trips to europe and Japan, dinner parties, boating, local walks and even crazy golf!


For members of the public we also have a few open seminar events each year. For upcoming seminars please visit here:

You can also follow some of our training trips and adventures on instagram, here:


You can also fill in a short form requesting a ‘Training Scholarship’ if you’re 15 – 20 yrs old, if you are a student or if you are unemployed. Bring the completed form to your first class. This could lead to further concessions.

Learning Resources

In the Members Area of our website, registered members have access to some of the best online martial arts learning resources in the country. Students may also purchase for a very low price a copy of our Student Manual.


Please go here to contact us..

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Jujutsu on the Green 1

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Jujutsu outdoor_14bw





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Gasshuku Outdoors 2

Jikan Kai Jujutsu Poster

Jikan Kai Jujutsu Poster

Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu Jikan Kai London UK
koryu jujutsu london uk
koryu jujitsu london uk
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 Thursdays - Jujutsu @ Island Gardens 

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 Saturdays - Jujutsu @ Leytonstone 

Japanese jujitsu London UK
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