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COVID-19 Information


Our health and safety protocols and other guidelines.

We have created this page to provide you with updates on the Corona virus situation as it relates to training in our local community. Please familiarise yourself with our COVID-19 protocols at the club and the wider government and community guidelines.

COVID Health & Safety Protocols

After conducting a risk assessment the following steps are being taken across our venues and in our classes;

• Breaking from tradition, all members must wear shoes in the class. Tabi or non-slip socks are allowed. If using tabi or non-slip socks, they must be washed regularly. A list of suppliers is provided to our members

• Masks in training 😷 are optional but not compulsory. We expect that some members will chose to wear masks and we make them feel very welcome to do so.

• Adults dropping off children should wear masks as they approach the venue entrances. Alternatively they may stop short several meters of the venue entrance if they are happy for their child/children to proceed into the venue on their own.

• As masks are optional, classes will not encourage the use of the kiai 🗣️ or any other shouting for an initial period of two months. 

• Members will follow onsite signage 🚷

• Members will not attend class/leave home and self‐isolate home if they or anyone in their household develops symptoms. 🤧

• Hand sanitiser will be applied at the entrance to the venue. This is supplied.

• Good hygiene must be practiced. Hand cleaning and the application of hand sanitiser will be done at the beginning and end of the lessons and also when we have breaks during the lessons.

• Popular contact points will be cleaned at the beginning and end of lessons.

• A one‐way system for entry and departure from our venues MAY apply if it is possible. Again, refer to signage. Parents will drop off children at entrance, rather than wait around at the venue for them.

• Members will change at home or where possible, so as to avoid using changing rooms. We understand this is less practical with adults. 

• One person at a time will be allowed in the changing rooms or toilet facilities.

• In the absence of lockers, personal belongings will be secured in isolation from those of other members. Using a disinfectant is recommended on the surface where you intend to rest down your belongings. A demonstration will be given

• To facilitate social distancing, there will be no person‐to‐person contact in training for at least an initial period of two months from April 2021. Please discuss this with your children if you have any in the class.

• 🥊 In order to do pad work, members will required to bring their own mits or boxing gloves to classes. These must be cleaned or disinfected before and after class. If mits or boxing gloves are not available, the club will attempt to provide them. Pads will also be cleaned and disinfected regularly in the class. Please inform the club if your child may have any reaction to typical household disinfectants such as Dettol.

• 🖋️ Members will sign an attendance register in order to facilitate Track and Trace protocols in the event of a local outbreak of corona virus. 

• 💊🧬 Group participants at a higher risk such as immunocompromised family members, diabetic, heart conditions etc. will be documented and have individual risk assessments and risk management actions catered for their needs. Please get in touch if this applies to yourself.

Government Advice

• Advice on staying safe outside your home

• Advice on safer travel

Waltham Forest Guidelines

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