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Summer Camp 2018


Chigwell Row Girlguiding Campsite

141 Lambourne Road
Chigwell Row

The nearest rail station is Grange Hill (central line). From there it is a 25 minute walk or 5 minute cab/Uber ride.

The camp house has 2 to 8 bunkbed dorm rooms, of which there are rooms dedicated to female campers and also for parents wanting to sleepover with their kids (limited numbers). There is a fully equiped kitchen, showers, multiple toilets, a communal area that we use as a tv/lecturer room and also a dining area.

The camp house itself is some distance away from the main road, and separated by two gates which presents a clearly defined boundary for campers outside the camp house.

There are large fields with plenty of playing space directly outside the camp house and within line of site of it.

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