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Summer Camp 2018

Jikan Martial Arts Dojo would like to invite you to our 5th Annual Residential Summer Camp. This action-packed program will not only be focused on martial arts training but will also provide a wide range of super fun activities for campers in a summer to remember! Our goal is to make martial arts training fun, to boost morale in the club and to foster friendships among members. Please read on for more details.


Where and When

The camp is from Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st August which is the last week of the summer holidays. This active program is great to help campers ease back into the routine of the new school term and also leaves them with fun summer memories! The venue is the very popular Chigwell Row Girlguiding Campsite in zone 4.



  • 4 - 7yrs old: Students of the Pre-Schoolers Karate Group may sign up for the PSG Day Camp

Members of the pre-schoolers group may be permitted to sleep over if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please visit the dedicated Pre-Schoolers Day Camp page here..

  • 8 - 17yrs old: Registered students of the Mixed Ages Karate Group participate in the Residential (sleep-over) Camp.

A daytime-only option is not available for students 8yrs and older.

Separate activities are generally run for the different age groups, though some activites will be suitable for all ages.


In addition to the amazing activities planned, 'residential campers' will receive 3 meals daily and snacks, while 'day campers' will receive lunch and snacks. Campers will be required to bring along certain essentials such as clothing and shower kit which are all thoroughly outlined in the packing list here.. 

There are no extra costs for activities. A Camp Folder will be provided. It includes a detailed program of events, the camp location and permission forms for activities. It also contains other useful information, fun activity sheets and a note book.


The Standard Fee of the Residential Camp for the Mixed Ages Group (8 - 15yrs old) is £155

The Early Registration Fee (by 31st July) of the Residential Camp for the Mixed Ages Group (8 - 15yrs old) is £145 

REGISTRATION (8yrs+)                    [ 4 - 7yr olds here.. ]

In order to register please make a £20 Deposit using the link below. In doing so, you also agree that your monthly subscription fee for the month of August will be used towards the camp fee (as there are no regular classes in August).

This makes a combined non-refundable deposit of £20 + your monthly subscription

    eg. £20 + £30 if you pay for one class weekly

      or    £20 + £45 if you pay for two classes weekly

If you make the full early-registration by 31st July, your monthly subscription for the month of August will no longer be used for the camp.

To be fully registered for the camp the balance payment must be made by 31st July (Early Registration fee) or before the 26th August (Full Registration Fee).

The registration link below is open up until 31st July for deposits or Full Early Registration

If you make a deposit you will be sent a separate link for the balance payment.


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