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The Meaning of Jikan


Though the word 'Jikan' has a couple meanings in Japanese. However, the kanji (Japanese writing) used in the name of our school is of buddhist origin and translates to mean 'house of compassion' or 'to observe compassion'.

So why the name?

Well, it is wished that in time when students have seen how much the training has to offer and when they have grown in confidence in their martial arts ability, that they will always be reminded through its name the ultimate purpose they should serve;

Great ability through martial arts or any other privilege in life should never be used for selfish gains.

Instead, we must use these gifts to give back to others, an act which in itself is the most rewarding.

When we are able to truly feel the pain of others in distress or suffering and act on our desire to help them, then we know what it is to observe compassion. Whether in the name of justice or for charity, towards an aggressor or a complete stranger, to help our fellow man is to make our world a better place. This is the way of Jikan Dojo.

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