Our technical directors are the headmasters of our parent organisations. The are direct teachers of our Chief Instructor and have authorised our school to represent them and their teachings.


9th Dan, Shito Ryu Karate
Other Arts - Iai, jujutsu, taichi, Okinawan kobudo.


Sei Iwasa was born in Nagasaki, in May 11, 1955. He began practicing karate in 1967 with the late sensei Eiji Ogasahara 10th dan, who was a student of Kenwa Mabuni, the legendary founder of Shito Ryu Karate.

Master Iwasa is the chief representative in Europe for the Japan Kenshukai Karate Association (JKKA). He moved to Europe in 1981 and alongside jujutsu master Yuji Matsuoi, he founded the Seiken Shudo Kai Cultural Association to promote Japanese martial arts and culture. 


Master Iwasa has held many various leadersip posts in European karate, past and present. He served as the president of the World United Karate Organisation, WUKO&AD until 2019 and also as the technical director for the Italian national karate federation, FESIK.


Today, master Iwasa is the Technical Director for our organisation, Jikan Kai. Jikan Kai president and Chief Instructor Jacob Greasley sensei, is a personal student of master Iwasa and regularly visits or hosts him to receive training.