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Seinchin is a naha-te kata practiced in the styles of Shito Ryu and Goju Ryu. There are many small variations of the kata depending on the style and the organisation of that style. However, the most widespread version that is taught is of Shitokai Shito Ryu.

The version practiced in our dojo is from Ogasahara-ha Shito Ryu. It is approximately 95% similar to the Shitokai version. So, while the following videos may be a good guide, remember that where you are taught something in class, it'll supersede (replace) any contradiction you see in a video.


Seinchin is required for brown and black belt tests. It is also a compulsory kata for international competitions in the World Karate Federation.

Higher ranked students are expected to be more self-motivated and studious. Please use the links below as a guide to your personal study of the kata, but remember that there is no substitute for learning under a qualified teacher.

Shitokai Shito Ryu version

Teaching video & analysis [ 23mins ]

Link -->

Shitokai Shito Ryu version

Shorter alternative [ 5 minutes ]

Link -->

Inuoe-ha Shito Ryu version

(85% similar to our version)

Competition performance [ 2.5 minutes ]

Link -->

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