Pre-schoolers karate classes TERM 1, 2020/21.

Please select ONLY the option agreed to by the instructor.

It is critical that ALL new and current members have up-to-date membership information as provided in the online forms. If this is not done, please complete a the forms in the link below. 



Saturday Group

10:30pm - 11:15am

Leytonstone United Free Church

55 Wallwood Road, Leytonstone

E11 1AY

Classes Start: 12th September 2020





  • If you start in the first half of the term (before mid-term break) full fee still applies.

  • We guarantee you 10 classes per term depending on the length of the term (September term is the longest). Sometimes we have unscheduled class cancellations throughout the term which pushes back the end-date. Therefore, we will announce the date of the last class towards the end of the term after the total number of classes already taught has been tallied.

  • Fee includes free uniforms & belts (& free replacements at instructor's discretion), grading certificates (kyu grades only) and access to the Learning Resources in the Members Area of the website.

  • Your reservation can only be confirmed after receipt of payment and all registration forms.

  • There is a scheduled break in the middle of each term. This is sometimes the same date as the local schools' half term break but may sometime differ. You'll be informed some time in advance.

  • It is your responsibility to keep up to date with club announcements such as class cancellations. All major announcements are made via the club's WhatsApp group, however scheduled term breaks and club events also appear in the Members Area of the website www.jikandojo.com 

  • No refunds. However, if due to a spike in the pandemic more than half the lessons for the term are cancelled, the club intends to, not by guarantee but in good faith, offer some form of credit towards the fee of the following school term.

  • In the rare circumstance that it may be necessary, venues are subject to change. If this is the case, the alternative venue will be as close to the previous as we can find.

  • Jikan Dojo reserves the right to expel from the class any member(s) who may violate the club's code of conduct.

  • If you have given up a place in a class you will not be able to regain that place for four years depending on the circumstances.

  • Members are not allowed to take part in other martial arts or combat groups or activities. Some reasons include (1) insurance liabilities, (2) the regulations of our parent organisations in Japan and (3) the fact that conflicting styles tend to hold students back from progressing.

Full terms and conditions here..

Please ensure that you have agreed the day(s) & venue with the instructor, before making your payment. 

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Before you can return to training, please review the Corona virus safety procedures we are implementing in the club and sign the declaration to say you've understood them. 

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Please make payment via bank transfer with the following details;

Jacob C Greasley
 Natwest Bank PLC
 Account No.:90096614 
 Sort Code: 6 0 - 2 4 - 21

Reference: karate-term1

The fee is;

£110 for one child

£200 for two siblings

£300 for three siblings

Please let us know as soon as you have completed payment, so we can confirm your place.