Jikan Budokai International Association



Honorary President ~ Morimoto Kunio
President ~ Jacob Greasley
Vice President ~ John Ramirez

Secretary ~ Veronika Toth

Technical Director for jujutsu, kenjutsu, iai and jukendo ~ Morimoto Kunio
Technical Director for karate-do ~ Iwasa Sei

Technical Adviser for okinawan karate-do ~ Derek Ridgeway
Technical Adviser for Filipino martial arts ~ Joe Agoncillo

Branches, Study Groups and Members

Branch Manager for Trinidad and Tobago ~ John Ramirez

Practice Group Leader for London, UK ~ Alistair Briggs

Practice Group Leader for Cambridge, UK ~ Rejoice Bangure

Practice Group Leader for Paris, France ~ Antoine Boirard
Practice Group Leader for Belluno, Italy ~ Luca Rizzardi

Practice Group Leader for Kent, UK ~ Mark Hayes-Watkins

Practice Group Adviser for Belluno, Italy ~ Giuliano Bottegal, 


Member Registration



Registration Form

A distinction is made between the following classes of members;

  • Affiliate Dojos

  • Individual Member

  • Practice Groups aka 'Study Groups' or 'keikokai'

  • Member Dojos

  • Headquarters (Hombu)

  • Parent Organisation/Association

Please see the JBI Introduction.pdf above for further details​.

Are you a certified instructor in posession of martial arts insurance or professional indeminity insurance?
Do you have any unspent criminal convictions or have been convicted of sexual offences in any country?
Do you have a DBS certificate (UK) or can present a police certificate of character?
I have completed the above questionnaire honestly and to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that information issued incorrectly in this form may result in termination of membership with Jikan Budokai and its affiliate/parent organisations.
I am aware that unforeseen injury or illness may occur in training. I therefore agree that I will take part in Jikan Budokai International Association's training sessions at my own risk.
I will immediately inform the organisation of any changes to the information I have provided on this form.
I will not ever disclose any of the organisation's internal knowledge or documentation deemed to be 'private', 'secret' or 'restricted'. I will not distribute any copyrighted material without expressed permission. I understand some examples of this include curriculums, disciplinary proceedings and training methods.
I have read, fully understood and agree to the regulations for Jikan Budokai International Association. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep informed on changes to the regulations. I understand that Jikan Budokai may share my information with other relevant associations and affiliate groups that it may choose to participate with.


Paypal Annual Subscription - Will be renewed automatically until cancelled. This does not include insurance. If you need insurance this must be acquired separately by your local branch.