Currently the main purpose of the member ID card is for use by students who travel with training weapons to Jikan Dojo classes or events. Please use this page to do the following;


1) Read legal guidelines and acknowledge through declaration.


2) Submit your ID card photo


3) Pay for your ID card.


2) Photo Submission

Please take clear a passport-style photograph for submission via the link below. Ensure to follow the following guidelines;

1. Use a clear white or cream background. Avoid any shadows on your face.
2. Turn your head and torso directly to the camera (front profile). Look directly into the camera lense.
3. Do not use any facial expressions (neither a frown nor a smile).
4. No facial coverings or hair accessories.

See the following examples

2) Payment

The cost of the ID card is currently £7 but subject to change depending on the demand, and cost of materials. Please inform the instructor or club secretary when you've completed payment.