Our club committee is a select group of parents, instructors, senior students & special appointed roles who assist, advise and help to guide the operation, planning and future direction of the club. Below are some of the special appointed roles at Jikan Dojo.

Monica Melniciuc



Monica is our club secretary and also a student of both our karate and jujutsu classes. She is passionate about Japanese culture, language and martial arts. As Club Secretary she facilitates the development of the club in addition to communication and correspondence on behalf of the Chief Instructor and club committee.

Sebastiano Laini



Sebastiano is our media officer, involved in the maintenance of our website, social media accounts and various other digital promotions. He is also a jujutsu student and one of our kobudo dan ranks. Sebastiano is an IT specialist and is enthusiastic about Japanese culture and martial arts. 

Tracy Torres



Tracy is the proud mother of one of our karate students for several years. During that time she has been a passionate supporter and organiser at the club and its events. Tracy who is very kind and approachable has volunteered to serve as the club's Welfare Officer in order to assist in our safeguarding policies and render assistance to members in need of support and guidance. In her full-time job Tracy is a Senior Scientist in the National Health Service (NHS).